My name is Christophe Anfry, I'm 40 and I'm a fullstack developer. I started 3 years ago learning web development. For most of the people COVID-19 has been a negative experience, but for me, it has been a rebirth. I took the opportunity to think about learning something new and that I love. I've worked before as a technical support for Google Workspace, and was interested in learning programmimg stuff. At this time I had no time for that, so when we have been confined at home I took my chance and started learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. The more I was learning the more I wanted to learn, and to make it my principal job.

How do I work?

I've always been working for customers and my joy is the customer satisfaction. My attention to details make me sketch your projects using Figma (Design Software), so in advance you can start visualizing the project and guide me about your preferences. I've also learnt a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), accessibility and performance, so I can build robust and efficient websites. I can use different technologies and/or platforms, to bring you different solutions depending on your needs and budget. That's why I'm more than ready to create wonderful projects for you.